Melindy Karren

Melindy Karren



"Goes the Extra Mile!  Melindy listens to her clients needs and desires.  She has patience and understanding...never pushy or put out!  Excellent communication skills.  She will take care of business day, night or weekends.  Melindy truly tries to find you your dream home!"  - Stacy (Buyer)

"Everything you'd want in a realtor and more!  Melindy goes outstandingly above and beyond, it's not just a job to her, it's about serving and doing everything to help YOU and she is exceptionally good at it.  She always checks in and makes sure everything is going good for you.  The dedication and hard work she puts in to getting you a home is spectacular.  She is the kind of realtor that you'll want.  She always helps make it less stressful and eases alot of troubles.  Everything she does is always for you, not the paycheck, no exceptions.  It was awesome working with her.  The fact that through all the ups and downs she busts her butt to do everything she can and trust me, she does, definately changed my perspective on realtors.  She has definately become a friend of mine.  Absolutely love her hard work and dedication she puts in.  Found my #1 agent." - Dalton (Buyer)

"Amazing to work with!  Did a great job, enjoyed working with her, would recommend to anyone!" - Shanae (Buyer)

"Responsive, prompt, professional.  Melindy was awesome to work with on our house sale!  She is super easy to get ahold of.  She answers her phone everytime or gets back to you soon.  She took care of everything promptly and made sure we always understood our options.  I so appreciate her work and efforts and highly recommend her to anyone. - Jessica (Seller)

"Only the Best!  When dealing with Melindy you get honesty, integrity, and 100% effort." - Michael (Buyer)

"Professional, yet personable.  Melindy knows her stuff!  She was there every step of the way.  Melindy is willing to work hard for you.  Impressed with her profesionalism and knowledge.  If we ever had a question, she had an answer." - Amber (Seller)

"The very Best!  Melindy answered all our questions and always was very prompt to answer.  She made sure we found the house we wanted and made things easier in this crazy market.  Absolutely loved working with her and would recommend!  - Wendy (Seller & Buyer)

"Professional, personable and positive about my needs in purchasing a townhome.  Melindy listened about everything I was after in purchasing the ideal property moving back to Vernal and retiring.  She profesionally gave me the information I needed to make a smart choice and gave options and ideas.  She specifically answered all my questions and with confidence." - Cliff (Buyer)

"Patient, kind and hard working!  Melindy is a fantastic realtor.  We were referred to her from our realtor in our previous town,  She was able to schedule us quite a few homes to look through in such a short amount of time because of our timeline.  She was very patient and once we decided on a home, she never quit working for us.  She was able to get us some things fixed in the home and even though they were not done right the first time, she has been on the contractor since then to get it fixed correctly.  She is very thorough and excellent time management.  I've never had to call and follow up with her.  If you need somebody who is efficient and doesn't waste your time, this is your girl!" - Brittani (Buyer)

"Great service even after the purchase.  Melindy was a huge help during the entire process and has continued to help us well after the sale was final.  I'm glad we were able to have her as our realtor." - Kyle (Buyer)





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